Crazy Challenge Rules

1. The full amount of the challenge must be paid up front; if you win we will issue a refund (minus any tip left for our employees).
2. Customer must pay for challenge. If the challenge is completed (we decide), a refund will be issued.
3. If customer doesn’t win, they may take leftover food home, but may not share leftover food with others while still in our restaurant.
4. All food must be consumed within 45 minutes. If there is any remaining food not swallowed, customer loses.
5. Once the challenge begins, the customer may not leave the table, or stand up.
6. Customer must sit at the table that we assign and shall not be sat with other members of their party (if any).
7. If a customer becomes ill, the challenge is over, and the customer loses.
8. Customer will be disqualified if anyone assists with consuming, cutting, preparing, etc. of meal. Nobody else may touch the food.